Sports Sports

Games are played daily after college hours (i.e., after 4.00 PM). Necessary equipments are provided for daily activates. For girls play fields are provided for daily practice near the Hostel after 4.00 PM. Special coaching are arranged by inviting coaches from District Sports Council at our college depending on the availability of the coaches. Management of the college are approached for further development of games activities like indoor stadium, caroms, basket ball court, Tennis court, Gym, expansion of the play fields and permanent building for games department near play field.

Regular Activities of the Games Department

Games are organized for the student (Boys and Girls) group wise and year wise as noted below starting from July / August for the 2nd year, 3rd year and 4 year students and for 1st year from October

After completion of matches selection of Athletic will be organized from 1st week of February every year. Students from any of group from 1st year to 4th year can join the athletic competitions and take part in the selections and selected Athletes will take part on the final meet, which will be conducted during the end of the March.