Science & Humanities ( S&H )


The Department of Science & Humanities offers courses in English, Mathematics, Physics, and Environmental Sciences. The curriculum has been strategically designed to create interest among the students in such basic science subjects and humanities. The faculty is actively involved in providing students with trainings in communication skills. The state of the art laboratories assist such initiatives.


Mould the students to be well informed and motivate them to develop the necessary skils to meet the challenges of the modern world.


* Provide congenial academic ambience.

* Inculate confidence to face and experience new challeges.

* Unleach and encourage the innate potential of the students.

* Ignite the students to acquire self-reliance in state-of-the-art technologies.

* Foster enterprising spirit amoung students


The department has well equipped Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, English communication lab, Workshop and Computer Laboratories.


* Developing the skills of the students to meet the global competitiveness.

* Imparting practical skills in software development.

* Offering training facilities to students in specialized areas.

* To integrate academic programs, extra curricular activities, co-curricular activities and soft skills to promote intellectual growth among students.

* Foster enterprising spirit amoung students