• All Candidates should be present in the examination hall 15 minutes before the time of commencement of examinations. No Student will be allowed after the time at which the examination commences.
  • Candidates are prohibited from bringing to the examination hall any book, notebooks or loose sheets of paper. If they do so, they are liable for expulsion. Candidates are not allowed to use any books nor are they allowed to keep with them a book are part thereof, or paper of any kind.
  • Candidates are also prohibited from bringing their own mathematical tables into the examination hall. The Chief Superintendent upon request when answering papers in Mathematics and Science subjects will supply these to the candidates.
  • Mathematical instruments will however be allowed to be brought in. They are also prohibited from talking to each other, copy or communicate with a person outside the examination hall. If found violating these rules and / or committing any other malpractice and / or behaving in an undisciplined manner or causing nuisance or disturbance to the other candidates, he/she will at once be expelled from the examination hall. He/She will not be allowed to sit for the remaining papers and he/she will be liable to be rusticated
  • Candidates are permitted to bring electronic calculator into the examination hall.
  • Candidates are requested to bring along with them everyday their hall tickets. They should bring with them the identity card issued by the college and should be presented for inspection whenever demands otherwise they are liable to be sent out of the examination hall.


  • Write His/ Her Hall Ticket Number in any part of His/ Her Main Answer Booklet except in the space provided.
  • Writing His/ Her name or any other matter including God’s name say Om, Rama etc. Or any symbol which may lead to His/ Her identification, in any part of the Main Answer Book or in any other attachments.
  • Addressing the examiner in any manner what –so-ever in His/ Her Answer Books.
  • Enter the Question paper Code Number received by them in the Block specified on the first Page of the main answer book.
  • Enter the Question Paper Code Number and Sign in the nominal roll supplied.
  • Write answer legibly on both sides of the page.
  • Tag graph sheets, drawing sheets etc., to the main answer book securely.
  • No Loose sheets or paper will be allowed into the examination hall and no paper must be detached from the Answer Book.
  • Students should not write more than 25 lines per page. It is not necessary to begin each answer on a fresh page.
  • Student should stay in the Examination Hall at least for 30 Minutes from the commencement of the examination.
  • This Main Answer Book with additional (if any) should be handed over to the Invigilator before leaving the Examination Hall.