Guidelines/Instructions to the Invigilators:

The invigilators shall enter the examination hall at least 15 minutes before the start of examination.
He/She shall,

  • Ask the students to keep their books, note books, mobile phones and their written materials at the front of the hall/outside the hall. Enter correct seat numbers; use only blue ink for writing.
  • Check whether the students have occupied their seats as per the seating arrangement.
  • Distribute answer books to the students at least 10 minutes before the start of the examination and ask them to fill in correct details on the front page of the answer books,
  • Distribute the question papers to the students at the beginning of the examination,
  • Check the identity cards of the students and sign on their answer books, if all details are correct.
  • Take the signature of students on the attendance proforma, mark “AB” for absent students and maintain the attendance record of his/her examination hall,
  • Distribute the supplements, graph papers to the students as and when demanded by the students and maintain the record of supplements issued in the given proforma,
  • Maintain general discipline in the classroom by frequently moving in the examination hall and preventing any malpractices or attempt of copying by students.
  • Report cases of misbehavior, indiscipline, malpractices and copying cases of students to the CE for further necessary action,
  • Give warning to the students to tie their supplements, 10 minutes before the end of examination,
  • Collect the answer books from the students at the end of examination and arrange them sequentially as per the examination seat numbers of students for each course separately,
  • Hand over the answer books and filled in proforma to COE.